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We at Huntech Inc. are dedicated to bringing you only the finest field tested products. We say field tested because we mean it. We have hunted with our own products all over the country in different environments and climates. Time and time again we have been successful at all types of game: Multiple Species of Deer, Elk, Predators, Exotics, Boars, Javelina, and Sheep. The majority of our hunt tests were performed right here in our home state of Arizona during archery seasons by glassing and stalking. Every hunter knows how hard it is to put a stalk on a deer with a bow and anyone who has ever hunted the Grey Ghost Cous White Tail knows that little cover from the desert, rough terrain, and hot climates on one of the most elusive species of deer. A hunter needs every edge possible. That’s why we developed our Scent Eradicating System. We have tried our competitors, we gave tried cover scents, but it has been proven that scentless is the way to go and the only way to be truly scentless is to eradicate it.

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